Captured Chaos


Here it is in all its mixed up thrown together glory!!  This page is just a reflection of who I am and the things that matter to me.  In the following pages I have shared some of my favorite site links, graphics and who knows what all else ;)
Id love to hear from you if you have a site or an idea (ok, ok,  keep it clean people) youd like to share.  If  we share an interest, idea or belief maybe we can trade new information or sites etc.. 
Well ...  Come on in...  browse...
and enjoy..


Im 42 yrs old,  happily married (90% of the
I have a son that is serving in the Navy.
I  have a complete love for web graphics & design.
Just learning about HTML  and CSS  Headers n Footers and all  (lol)
I love to read,  and garden  and all sorts of things so Lord only knows  (literally ) what I might put on here...
I am a Christian who is blessed daily by Gods mercy and grace
I dont believe in religion- there is a difference
I lived a life that was pure chaos and I probably wouldnt  have
survived,  let alone prospered,
if Jesus hadnt  been there to
Capture Chaos
I would love to hear from other Christians walking with a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ that changed their lives..


Life is full of wonders
imagination included

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